A comparison of life in two Peruvian villages. One village has no electricity at all. Wood fires are used for cooking and heating and candles are used for lighting. There are no dishwashers, fridges or other electrical appliances. A lack of electricity makes life harder. People go to bed early in the evening and at school, reading and writing can be difficult in gloomy classrooms. Nearby, another village does have a power station. The most important thing the power station provides is electric light. This allows activities to go on after dark. Students can do their homework in the evening and the villagers can also watch television and films.

First broadcast:
15 October 2007

This clip would be useful to stimulate discussions about the use of electricity. It provides some contrasts between two Peruvian villages and this could further be contrasted with the use of electricity and the number of electrical appliances used by pupils and families in their own homes.