An introduction to fractions focusing on halves, quarters and eighths. The narrator tells the children how to cut pieces of fruit into halves, quarters and eighths. Coloured tiles are also used to show how four eighths is the same as one half.

This clip is from:
The Maths Channel, Fractions
First broadcast:
13 September 2007

Pupils can watch the clip and then be given the opportunity to use paper or card (or possibly even other materials) to make halves, quarters and eighths, as is done in the clip. Pupils could be instructed to create one set of halves, one set of quarters and one set of eighths. Once this has been completed, they could then be given set amounts to translate into their fractions, via the use of colouring or marking. For example, they could be asked to mark what would be two eighths. This would then help the teacher to build up to further lessons on specific fraction amounts.