Portpatrick is only 17 miles from Ireland and used to be the main Scottish port for sailing there. The harbour is not very protected, so ships and ferries now use Stranraer instead. Portpatrick is the start of the Southern Upland Way walk, which covers 212 miles before reaching the town of Cockburnspath on the east coast. This film looks at the strong links between Portpatrick in Scotland and Ireland.

This clip is from:
See You See Me, Southern Uplands
First broadcast:
30 January 2009

After watching the clip, children can begin to discuss and think about what a port is. They could research where some of the main ports are in the world and locate and look at these on maps and globes. They could also find out about the types of things which are transported by ships on the sea and mark these journeys out on a blank map. Children could also find out what it is like to work on a ship and then compare this to what it used to be like many years ago working on a transport ship. Children could discuss and sort which items could be transported by air, ship and land, and begin to suggest reasons for their choices.