From the top of Jingshan in the Forbidden City, the centre of Beijing, you can see the whole city. On the way to the Summer Palace there are more sights to be seen, and the palace itself gives an insight into how the Emperors used to live.

This clip is from:
Being Chinese
First broadcast:
17 March 2009

Students could use this clip to learn about some famous sights in Beijing and their location. They could draw a simple map of the city labelling north, south, east and west and then drawing and naming each of the districts in these directions. Students could look at a map of their own town or city and name a place in the north, south, east and west. Students could use the directional language taught in this clip to direct each other around the room or playground. A student could ask 'zenme zou...?' - 'how do you get to...?' and a partner could give directions using 'zuobian', 'youbian' or 'qianmian'.