A compilation of clips showing electrical circuits being made and installed in everyday objects. Various examples of a circuit board on a production line are shown. It shows the production of objects containing circuits; for example, televisions and cars. Finally, objects which contain circuits are shown in operation; for example, street lights, computers and individual light bulbs. Note: There is no narration in this clip.

This clip is from:
Science Clips, Changing Circuits
First broadcast:
11 October 2007

After watching the clip, ask pupils to imagine what a battery powered device such as a radio looks like inside. Give pupils the chance to open up a radio and sketch its circuits. If possible, let pupils compare their sketches with a circuit diagram for a radio. Give pupils a torch to disassemble. Challenge pupils to draw a circuit diagram to show how the torch works, using standard symbols for: switch, bulb and battery (or 'cell'). Can pupils design a circuit diagram that contains two bulbs? Can they design a circuit where the two bulbs can be controlled independently by a switch? The children could go on to build their planned circuits, using simple components.