An explanation of how to read a simple bar chart to find the popularity of a meal, highlighting the relevance of bar charts in everyday life. It demonstrates how to answer a question by collecting and recording data. It also shows how to represent the data as a bar chart to show results.

First broadcast:
14 September 2007

Pupils can be handed a piece of paper with a blank bar graph on it and a card with a set task. They can then watch the clip to better understand how to use the bar graph and how it works. The task on the card will prescribe them a set of data that they need to find and then compile in bar graph form. (This could be something like 'How many of each different hair colour is there in the class?') Pupils will then have the opportunity to record their findings however they prefer, before then being instructed to turn them into a bar graph. At this point, the clip could be replayed for any pupils who remain unsure of how to do this.