A compilation of clips set to background music and based on the theme of electricity. Includes images of electric lights, sockets, plugs, bulbs, a toaster, pylons, power cables, a CD player, a DVD player, a washing machine, a hair dryer, remote controls, batteries, toys, solar panels, a car battery and electricity danger signs.

Note: There is no narration in this clip.

First broadcast:
15 October 2007

Useful as part of a first lesson to recap with children everyday household items and other items that use electricity. Children could design a poster notifying a younger audience of the dangers of electricity in the home if misused. Continuing on from this, the children could identify from the clip the devices that use battery power to work and those that require electricity to operate them. Can be used to allow children to investigate the properties of metals and plastics and how they are used as insulators and electrical conductors. Children could list where they are useful in the home.