Public perception is that crime is rising, although official statistics suggest the opposite. A police officer explains fear of crime may be heightened by over-zealous media reporting or poor quality urban spaces. There are two ways of gathering statistics on crime. Public reporting can be inaccurate, while the British Crime Survey is based on an annual questionnaire and is used by the Government. A victim of attempted burglary describes his feelings. Statistics suggest crime is falling, but the public holds a different view. A police officer believes media reporting raises awareness of crime, and poor quality public space heightens people's fears. In one London borough the police are trying to reassure the public they are becoming safer.

This clip is from:
Mapping Crime
First broadcast:
22 February 2008

Can be used to discuss crime and perception of crime. How do we measure criminal activity? Is all crime reported? Levels of crime are falling but the perception is that crime is rising - why does this perception exist? People are more aware of crime, is this due to more reporting in the media or an actual increase?