A maths challenge to work out fractions and percentage calculations based on fans at a football match. When fans go to watch a football match the home and away fans are separated.

At Fulham Football Club, the total number of fans expected is 20,000. One tenth of the fans are expected to be away fans while nine tenths will be home fans. To work out just how many seats will be needed for each section of the grounds, fractions and percentage calculations are needed. Working out 10% of 20,000 and 90% of 20,000 are demonstrated.

This clip is from:
The Maths Channel, Fractions
First broadcast:
14 September 2007

This clip can be used to spark a discussion of how fractions are used in practical situations. Using the example given of Fulham Football Club, pupils could be asked to come with their own (either true or fictional) area of life where fractions and splitting people up might come in handy. They can then estimate what fraction would be on each side, before estimating the total number. The clip could then be played again before pupils are asked to try to work out using their fractions, exactly how many will be on each side. This will then lead into pupils discovering that to make use of fractions, they need to divide by the denominator before multiplying by the numerator. They can then be told to check that their answers are correct by adding them together and hopefully coming up with their original total estimate.