An introduction to a simple electrical circuit. The battery pushes the electricity along the wires from the positive terminal, through the bulb and back to the negative terminal. This creates a circuit. To turn out the light the circuit needs to be broken by adding a switch. It does not matter where the switch goes as the effect is the same. The bulb glows because electricity flows through the filament. When the bulb gets old the filament breaks and this breaks the circuit.

First broadcast:
9 October 2007

This clip could be used to demonstrate how simple circuits work. The children could be given a wire, battery and bulb, and the teacher could challenge them to make the circuit work. The teacher could ask the children to draw the circuit and explain how it works. The teacher could then introduce a switch and explain how the circuit is being broken and once the switch is then closed, the circuit is complete. The teacher could ask the children to draw and explain this as well.