An animated character, a bloodhound, models how to analyse an extract of narrative fiction. He walks into a field where paragraphs of text appear and he explains how the writer’s use of language and structure create tension and a believable main character who the reader will like. As key features of the text are highlighted the bloodhound explores their impact on the reader; the features mentioned include verb, simile, metaphor, new paragraph, pathetic fallacy, plot point, rhetorical question, sentence structure.

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Use as an introductory or revision activity to support students with independent text analysis. Hand out printed copies of the text extract explored in the clip. As they watch, ask students to highlight the key words and phrases indicated by the bloodhound and identify the language or structural feature. You may have to watch the clip twice to do this. When the annotation is complete, ask students to go back and briefly explain the impact of each feature. Use these notes to write an extended analysis of the extract.