Evelyn Glennie is a percussion player performing at solo concerts. She is an enormously successful musician despite being deaf. She has learned to use her whole body to 'hear' sounds. For example, she describes feeling the vibrations on her cheekbones, scalp and chest.

This clip is from:
Science Clips, Changing Sounds
First broadcast:
12 October 2007

This could be a useful clip when revisiting the concept of how sound travels. If it is paused after the initial introduction, it could be used for hypothesis creation, where the pupils are asked to generate a theory for how deaf people might be able to hear. It could also be a stimulus for investigations showing that sound requires a medium though which to travel to the ear and of the design of an ear itself. The issue of overcoming disabilities might be the starting point when considering how, over time, great inventions like hearing aids have been designed and developed.