A succinct and accessible analysis of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go. This animation explores the key moments and relationships of Ishiguro's novel, as well as the major themes and motifs that recur throughout the book. The plot is coherently summarised with all the key moments touched upon, and the central relationships of Cathy, Ruth and Tommy are outlined through clear animation and direct quoting from key points in the narrative; for example, as Ruth tells Cathy, ‘I kept you and Tommy apart...it should have been you two.’ The book’s unusual narrative structure, as well as Ishiguro's often complex writing style, is also explained in easy-to-understand terms, and their significance defined in relation to the story. The animation also suggests why the novel deserves to be regarded as a key work of literature, and pupils are encouraged to draw parallels between the characters and themselves.

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The central theme of Ishiguro’s novel is that of memory, and this heavily influences his writing style. Ask the pupils to write an account of their oldest memory in the style of Ishiguro. Encourage pupils to discuss whether they believe somewhere like Hailsham could ever exist in real life, and ask them how they would feel if it did. What ethical questions does it raise?