In this film the Folktale Court sits to hear about accusations from the Ugly Sisters that Cinderella has called them names and is always going into their rooms to clean. Cinderella, on the other hand, explains how she only called them names when the Ugly Sisters refused to take her to the ball. All three defend their actions and try to persuade Judge Jenny to see things from their point of view. Judge Jenny sums up so that the audience can discuss and decide.

First broadcast:
22 March 2011

Students could pretend to be court reporters and take notes which summarise the key points for each side of the argument. They could also write up their notes in the form of a newspaper article about the trial, distinguishing between fact and opinion as they write.

Alternatively, students could use the arguments given by the Ugly Sisters in this clip to retell the story of Cinderella from their point of view. How does the story differ now?