This short musical piece describes things that you can do to feel good. These include being helpful at home and playing with friends.

This clip is from:
Watch, Me and My Family
First broadcast:
4 May 2007

The class could have a discussion about what the little boy did that made him feel good. To begin with, the little boy in this clip finds some medicine on the floor and decides to put it high on the desk. Why is medicine dangerous and who is he trying to keep the medicine away from? How do you think the little boy felt knowing that he had put the medicine in a safer place? Why would it have made him feel good? This could also link into responsibilities of an older brother or sister linked with medicine. The little boy then goes on to help his Mum dry up. What did his Mum do? Why did she hug him? When was the last time someone hugged you and why? How did you feel? Try to generate better emotional language than happy and get the children to use ‘because’ to get a more descriptive answer.