On the west side of the Parthenon, depictions of Greek battles with the female Amazon tribes of the Euro-Asian Steppes help reveal the roles that women played in Ancient Greek society. Dr. Amanda Foreman discovers how they had lives confined to the home where they served the household. They were barred from the law, the economy, from politics and even from mingling in places of business. Women were restricted to the guardianship of their nearest male relative – either their father or husband. Their faces were to be veiled and they were considered the property of their husband after they married at the age of 14.

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Children could research Ancient Greek society and then present their findings to the class in a format chosen by them (PowerPoint, Flip chart, poster presentation or even allow the class to create their own display) Children could focus on the role of women in society and, through hot seating and role play, share their findings to the class.