Children test the properties of materials. One group has a clown, whose nose is connected to an electrical circuit. The children have to predict which materials will complete the circuit and light the clown's nose. Another group investigates the absorbency of materials. After predicting, pupils test the materials to find out how accurate their predictions are. Materials can be solids, liquids or gases and all have properties - even air. In the final experiment, children find out the length of time it takes for a candle to burn, depending on the size of the upturned jar it is under.

This clip is from:
Primary Focus Science
First broadcast:
8 April 2008

This clip would be helpful in demonstrating different ways of carrying out tests and the approach other children take. It would help to inform a discussion as to the kind of information the children might have been recording and why. Use in advance of some hands-on investigation in class.