Presenters Richard Hammond and Chris Packham give their opinions on the pros and cons of train travel. Benefits include being able to do something else while travelling. Drawbacks include reliability of service and perceived cost.

First broadcast:
24 November 2003

Working in pairs, students could come up with their own criteria for what makes good public transport. They could research and list various forms of public transport and go on to rank them in order, from best to worst, according to how they match the criteria. Alternatively, students could consider whether location influences the mode of transport available, and the environmental impacts that certain forms of public transport can have.

Students could be made aware of the 'Walk to School Week' campaign, which attempts to get children to commit to walking to school for one week. Students could also become involved in the 'Walk Once a Week' campaign which encourages parents and students to walk to school at least once a week throughout the school year.