A powerful and eye opening animation using the first person testimony of Naomi, a 10-year old girl with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. Naomi is now in remission; she talks about her diagnosis, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and recovery. We also hear about her life before and after the diagnosis, discussing the emotional impact of cancer and the sudden changes that it inflicts on everyday life. The intimate and direct impact of using Naomi’s real first person testimony encourages us to empathise with her situation, and to understand how some children’s lives are very different from their own. Naomi talks about school, family, friends and explains the confusion and chaos caused by cancer. Contains some scenes which younger viewers may find upsetting. Teacher review prior to use in class is recommended.

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This animation could be particularly useful for teachers when covering topics understanding and respecting differences and similarities. In groups pupils could discuss the ways that having cancer has affected Naomi, do they think that she will be different after her recovery? How have big events impacted her outlook? As an extension pupils could suggest ways in which they could support a friend or class mate that finds themselves in a similar situation to Naomi.