Ashley has been to four different schools because she has moved house many times. She talks about her fears of starting a new school and meeting the children and teachers. She shares her experiences of making new friends and what she does to achieve this. Ashley also explains the important things to know when helping a new child in class.

This clip is from:
Focus, New Kid in the Class ep 1

Students could discuss the process of moving home and changing school. The process could begin with being told you are moving by your parents, then packing belongings, saying goodbye to friends, and moving to the new school. These events could be plotted on a timeline and students could then be given thought bubbles to complete and add to the timeline.

Students could think about their first day of school, or their first day at a new club or group. Each could be given a paper plate and asked to create their facial expression on this first day. They could then share these and discuss all of the facial expressions and the emotions felt.

Students could work in small groups to create a plan for the best way to welcome a new student. They could decide on a ‘getting to know you’ game, where they might be taken on a tour and think of the essential information which the new student will need. Students could then share their ideas and use these to create their own new student policy.