In response to their boss’s anger at a rival firm’s success, two junior advertising agency workers analyse a brochure designed by the rival. They identify key points and discuss how to structure their response. They describe how an analysis essay, explaining how successful the brochure is in persuading readers, should have an introduction, a main body of the argument with the most important point first, and a conclusion. They comment on the word choices, use of facts, emotional appeal and alliteration used in the brochure and explain that each of their points in the main body of the essay will need to be evidenced and analysed.

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Useful as a prompt when moving from analysing a persuasive text to writing an extended analysis. Watch it as a transition activity between annotating a text and organising those annotations into an essay response. As a challenge activity, ask students to write out the planning guidance as given in the clip and then refine this into a planning sheet for another student in the class to trial.