Share in the excitement of a child interviewer who gets a hands-on experience at the potter’s wheel whilst quizzing eighth generation potter, Caitlin Jenkins, about her job. The viewer is engaged by being shown clues to think about the type of job. Equipment used by the potter is shown to allow for discussion on how it is used. Explore the job of a potter now and through time. Information is shared through the interview with a modern potter, archive film clips, photographs, still images and a moving timeline to help children grasp the chronology of pottery. Discover how some methods have changed but others have stayed the same across hundreds, and probably, thousands of years. Compare the equipment that a potter uses today with equivalents at various points throughout history. Contrast the mass production methods introduced during the Industrial Revolution with the studio approach that is favoured by some potters. Look at the differences between handmade and factory moulded pottery. Learn more about Josiah Wedgwood who was one of the first big industrialists in Britain. Discover how Bernard Leach was responsible for a movement committed to preserving the craft and craftsmanship in the job of a potter.

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Helps address the lives of significant individuals in the past who have contributed to national and international achievements. Some could be used to compare aspects of life in different periods. They could produce a simple zigzag book in the shape of a vase with the three different periods of history and record the significant people and developments of the pottery industry.