Conflicts of interest

Land uses in coastal areas include tourism, industry, fishing, trade and transport. There are many different groups of people who have an interest in how coastal areas are managed. These include:

  • local residents
  • environmental groups
  • developers
  • local councils
  • national governments
  • tourist boards
  • National Park Authorities, such as the Pembrokeshire National Park Authority
Popular tourist beach in Phuket, Thailand
Tourist beach in Phuket

Each interest group may have a different view about what should be done to protect and manage coastal areas. A difference of opinion can cause conflict between interest groups.

Reasons why groups of people might be concerned about the coast

  • Erosion may be threatening beaches or coastal settlements.
  • People may want to develop tourism in the area or existing tourism could be declining.
  • There is a danger of flooding if sea levels rise.
  • There could be a problem with sewage and/or pollution.