Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

The musician, Moby, performs a set on stage

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? was a single from Moby's dance music album Play (1999).

Play has sold over 9 million copies. Other Moby albums include Hotel and Last Night.

Illustration of music equipment used for making dance music - synthesiser, sampler, drum machine.

Dance music is technology-based, with the DJ playing an important role in mixing and presenting tracks. It is characterised by:

  • extensive use of samples and loops
  • links to the club scene
  • layered textures

The tracks on Play were written and played by Moby and then recorded and mixed at his home studio. The equipment used includes synthesisers, a sampler and drum machine (Roland TR909).

  • a synthesiser is a device which generates sounds electronically
  • a sampler is a device that can take any sound that is put into it, process it and play it back
  • the Roland TR drum machine was one of the first to have programmable rhythms