From the opening, the poem explores the inevitability of change and how Scotland itself has transformed over millions of years.

The speaker’s description of the landscape and the impact of the elements paints a vivid picture of the ways in which Scotland’s environment has altered over time. Change, as the speaker acknowledges, has been taking place for millions of years and Scotland will continue to transform.

In doing so, he presents a landscape and society in constant flux reminding us that although we may have suffered a political setback, this is merely a tiny hiccup when set against the backdrop of changes which have occurred over billions of years.


The strength of the natural environment is explored through the description of the hardy landscape of Scotland. When describing the weather, and the geological shifts, Morgan conveys the power of the elements and the part they play in moulding the land. Through this sonnet, Morgan certainly presents an environment that is both vibrant and vital.

The colours and elements he evokes are, like the psyche of the people, strong, robust and resilient. The implication is that despite the enormity of the changes and transformations which have occurred, Scotland and her people will continue to adapt, thrive and survive.

This is a poem which is ultimately hopeful, encouraging us to look forward while mindful of the enormous scope and scale of changes our country has already endured.

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