Home and leisure

View inside a home highlighting the items which use microprocessors

A large proportion of the machines we take for granted at home are controlled by microprocessors, including:

  • microwave ovens
  • washing machines
  • dishwashers
  • central heating boilers


Activities we do in our leisure time are increasingly dependent on information technology, such as:

  • watching digital or satellite TV
  • watching DVDs, Blu-ray and online videos
  • playing computer games
  • listening to music on CD and MP3 players and online
  • browsing the internet

Online booking

Online bookings are growing as fast as online shopping. Theatre, cinemas, concerts, air tickets, train tickets, hotels and package holidays are all available on the web, often at cheaper prices than buying them from high street shops. Bookings can be made across the world by internet connection.


  • instantly find out availability
  • book out of office hours
  • pay and receive confirmation (via email) immediately
  • lower prices - access to a greater number of retailers increases competition and prices fall


  • risk buying from a website setup to scam money out of customers, ie the tickets never come
  • even when buying from genuine websites, the tickets may not arrive in the post in time (where confirmation email cannot be used)
  • websites may not be able to cope with high demand (making them inaccessible)