Using possessive adjectives

Nominative case

  • Mein Bruder ist neun Jahre alt. – My brother is nine years old.
  • Wie alt ist deine Schwester? – How old is your sister?

Accusative case

  • Er hat ihren Hund genommen. – He took her dog.
  • Wann habt ihr eure Großeltern besucht? – When did you (informal, plural) visit your grandparents?

Dative case

  • Wir fahren mit seiner Familie. – We are going with his family.
  • Die Katze liegt auf unserem Bett. – The cat is lying on our bed.

Genitive case

  • Das ist das Büro meines Vaters. – That is my father's office.

Translate the following sentences into German, using the correct possessive adjective:

  • I phoned my girlfriend.
  • How old are your parents?
  • He finds his teacher very helpful.
  • That is my aunt’s shop.
  • He always plays (together) with his friend.
  • Ich habe meine Freundin angerufen.
  • Wie alt sind deine Eltern?
  • Er findet seinen Lehrer sehr hilfsbereit.
  • Das ist die Geschäft meiner Tante.
  • Er spielt immer mit seinem Freund zusammen.

Did you know?

Mein Kampf(My Struggle) is Adolf Hitler’s notorious autobiographical manifesto in which he outlined his political ideology and future hopes for the German nation. He started writing the book whilst he was imprisoned for treason following what is known in Germany as the Hitlerputsch – his unsuccessful attempt to unlawfully seize power of Munich. The first volume of the book was published in 1925 before he became the Chancellor of Germany in 1933.

Due to its racist content as well as the historical effect of Nazism upon Europe during World War II and the holocaust, it is widely considered to be an extremely controversial book. As a result, the German government refused to allow the book to be printed or copied within Germany, although it is legal to own or buy a copy. Any profits made from the book are given to charity.

The Institute of Contemporary History decided that it was important to allow an annotated copy of the book to be republished for educational purposes once the copyright ran out. Although there was much opposition to this decision, the book was published again in January 2016. Many bookstores, however, refuse to stock copies.

Reactions to the controversial reprinting of Hitler's Mein Kampf

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