Superlative adjectives

A superlative adjective describes the 'best' or 'most' form of an adjective, eg: the brightest, prettiest, smartest, most wonderful, etc.

  • Er ist der schnellster Laufer der Gruppe. – He is the quickest runner in the group.
  • Ihre Oma ist die langsamste Autofahrerin. – Her granny is the slowest driver.
To help you remember what a superlative is, just think that if something is 'super', it's the best.

How to form superlative adjectives

  1. Take an adjective or adverb > schön (beautiful).
  2. Add -ste to the end > schönste (most beautiful). Or add -este if there is a -t or -d on the end of the adjective – leicht > leichteste (easiest), hart > härteste (hardest).
  3. If there is a noun add der, die or das (the) > Tobias ist der lustigste Junge. (Tobias is the funniest boy).
  4. If you want to use a superlative adjective where there is no noun, add am -sten > Iris ist am fleißigsten. (Iris is the most hard-working).
Das Billige ist immer das Teuerste - Penny wise, pound foolish (literally: the cheapest is always the most expensive)deutsches Sprichwort - German proverb