Risk assessment

You may have to complete a risk assessment for the investigation before you carry it out.

A risk assessment consists of three sections – hazard, risk and control measure.

This is an example of a risk assessment.

Image of a printed-out risk assessment form.

You must first identify any potential hazards. In other words, identify the ‘ouch’. This will be something that could hurt you or anybody else, and its source. For example, a hot lamp could cause burns.

Secondly, you must state what the risk is. What is likely to cause the ‘ouch’? What is plausible that you could do to hurt yourself? In this example, it could be touching a very hot lamp when moving it. Moving it would be the reason you or someone else would get burned.

Then, you must think of a control measure. This means asking yourself, how to avoid the ‘ouch’? If the risk, like this example, is a risk of getting burned by a hot lamp, the control measure would be to allow the lamp to cool before attempting to move or hold it.