Calculate the total monthly expenditure from the table below.

Mortgage £350
Gas/electricity £75
Council tax £70
TV, phone and broadband £43
House insurance £34


The Watters family holiday costs \pounds2670.

They decide to save equal amounts each month for the next 10 months to cover the cost.

How much will they save each month?


The cost for a holiday can be broken down as follows:

flights and hotel rooms - \pounds3200

meals and excursions - \pounds1050

holiday insurance, taxis and car hire - \pounds423

Calculate the total cost of the holiday.


The cost of the hotel rooms has increased by 20\% since last year.

Last year the hotel rooms cost \pounds850 to stay for two weeks.

What is the cost this year for a two weeks stay in the hotel rooms?


The Watters family has a total monthly expenditure of \pounds

Their total monthly income is \pounds1954.

Calculate their disposable income.