Key dates

This list of dates shows how Europe slid into war after the murder of Franz Ferdinand.

5 JulyThe Austrian government asks the German government if it will support Austria in a war against Russia, if Russia supports Serbia. The Germans say they will support whatever the Austrian government decides to do - the so called 'blank cheque'.
23 JulyThe Austrian government sends the Serbian government an ultimatum.
25 JulyThe Serbians accept all the conditions except one - that Austrian police should be allowed into Serbia.
28 JulyAustria-Hungary declares war on Serbia.
30 JulyThe Russian army is mobilised.
1 AugustGermany declares war on Russia.
3 AugustGermany declares war on France and, following the Schlieffen Plan, attacks Belgium.
4 AugustBritain keeps the promise made in a treaty of 1839 to defend Belgium, and declares war on Germany.