Cloud technology

Cloud technology is used to run software directly from the internet and to back up files in an online location, as opposed to the user’s hard drive.

Cloud-based software applications for musicians include notation and sequencing programs as well as listening and evaluating and theory testing utilities. Cloud-based music-based software continues to be developed.

Cloud-based models of working offers some distinct advantages. There are fewer problems normally associated with software installation where the costs are often less. Also, files created can be stored in the ‘cloud’ which means they can be accessed from any location and the software can be used for collaborating with other musicians.

Practical ideas for working with cloud-based programs

Because work can be accessed whenever an internet connection is available, ideas can be captured as they occur. Mobile phones or tablets can be used for recording and reviewing ideas on the move such as a form of electronic ‘composer’s notebook’.

Files and programmes can be accessed by more than one person. This is useful for those who want others to assess or comment on their work in progress. Notes can often be added to files in audio or text form.