Basic straight jump/landing and stopping

All gymnastic routines require performers to understand the basic skills of straight jump, landing and stopping. Once a performer achieves mastery of these skills they are able to progress to more technically challenging skills and techniques.

Stage one - getting started

  • Stand on both feet on the red cross, in the middle of the trampoline.
  • Bend your knees and push gently off your toes to begin a low, controlled bounce.
  • Once in the air, rotate your arms in a small circle from your side and complete one full turn before you return back to the bed.
  • Complete the same routine a few more times and create a rhythm.

Stage two - gaining height

  • To begin gaining height, land with feet flat on the mat and as the trampoline begins to elevate up, push your toes deeper into the trampoline immediately before take-off.
  • As you take off, bring your arms away from your sides and extend them out in front of you and elevate your arms quickly above your head.
  • Keep your upper body and head as still as possible.
  • As you reach the top of your jump, ensure that you keep your toes pointed down and your fingers pointing up.

Stage three - beginning to drop

  • As you begin to lose height, drop the arms outwards and into the side of your legs.
  • Keep your arms straight and your fingers and toes pointed.
  • To achieve the most efficient re-bounce, ensure you land with your feet 'flat' onto the bed.
  • Repeat from stage two again to maintain bouncing rhythm.

Stage four - stopping

  • Land with your feet 'flat' onto the bed.
  • Begin bending your knees as you touch down on the trampoline.
  • Keep your back straight and ensure you do not lean forwards or backwards.
  • On safe landing, extend the knees to standing position and elevate arms above your head to show completed routine.