What can you do on the internet?

Of the many things available to do on the internet, you can:

  • browse websites
  • send and receive email
  • download media files, eg Mp3s or video files
  • watch streamed video, eg BBC iPlayer, YouTube etc
  • check your bank balance and make payments
  • buy goods from online shops
  • access educational material from your school’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)
  • create, store, edit and share your documents using web-based applications, eg Google Docs
  • interact with friends on social networking sites, eg Bebo, MySpace, Facebook etc
  • write a blog
  • sign-up to forums and discuss topics that interest you with like-minded individuals
  • game with friends
  • instant message family and friends
  • share photos and videos
  • complete free tutorials covering a wide range of subjects
Six laptops with different website pages open such as video streaming, banking, shopping, download, blogging and banking