What is the Kingdom of God?

In Matthew’s Gospel Jesus talks about the Kingdom of God, but what does he mean?

The Kingdom of God could be described as follows:

  • a society where God rules
  • a place where death is overcome
  • a place where diseases are cured
  • a place where evil spirits are overcome
  • a place where people find a home and shelter in difficult times

Its characteristics and values could be as follows:

  • faith
  • simplicity of a child / purity
  • belongs to those who suffer
  • love God and love your neighbour
  • honesty / truth
  • humility
  • joy in others’ achievements
  • wealth and ambition must be sacrificed

The parables tell us that:

  • The Kingdom of God is a mystery (grows secretly).
  • It is present in the lives of those who believe.
  • People respond differently to the message of the Kingdom of God.
  • It begins with Jesus’ words and teachings.
  • The Kingdom of God starts small with the individual and increases to include the whole of society.
  • The Kingdom of God is a future reward.
Matthew’s message about the Kingdom of God was to be of comfort to the early Christians. He tells them not to give up, their faithfulness will be rewarded.