A View from the Bridge - Characters overview

A View from the Bridge has six main characters and various secondary and minor characters.

The play is opened by Mr Alfieri, who is a New York lawyer, but also acts as an external narrator, linking the scenes throughout the play. Next we meet the Carbone family; Eddie, a longshoreman or dock worker; Beatrice, his wife, who is a housewife and their niece Catherine, a 17-year-old college girl. At the start of the play they are awaiting the arrival from Italy of Marco and Rodolpho, Beatrice’s cousins.

Minor characters are Tony Bereli, who arranges for immigrants to enter America illegally; two immigration officers; Lipari the butcher and his wife; and Eddie’s friends Louis and Mike.

Other characters referred to in the play, but who we never actually see, are Vinnie Bolzano, whose story is very important to the plot; Mrs Dondero, a neighbour who lives upstairs; Nancy, Catherine’s dead mother who was also Beatrice’s sister; a wise woman to whom Alfieri goes for advice; Whitey Balso, who is given as an example of a blond Italian; and Beatrice’s mother.

Main characters

  • Alfieri
  • Eddie Carbone
  • Beatrice Carbone
  • Catherine
  • Marco
  • Rodolpho

Secondary characters

  • Vinnie Bolzano
  • Mrs Dondero
  • Nancy
  • the wise woman
  • Whitey Balso
  • Beatrice’s mother

Minor characters

  • Tony Bereli
  • two immigration officers
  • Lipari the butcher and his wife
  • Louis and Mike