Writing to review and comment


If you are asked to write a review of a book that you have recently read, which of the following should your review focus on?


Should you use evidence in a review? And why?


Should a review writer draw a conclusion? For example, saying whether something will be useful for, or interesting to, its audience and purpose?


Should a review writer offer their own opinion?

Imagine that you have been set the task of writing a review of your favourite music artist’s new album for the school magazine. Look carefully at the choices below and select which you think would be the most appropriate for each category:


The context of this piece of writing is a school magazine and the audience is the parents, pupils and teachers who might read the magazine.

What is the purpose of this piece of writing?


When thinking about how formal should your writing be, should you:


In your review, what kind of sentences should you be using?


Would you be addressing the reader in your review writing?


What would your vocabulary choices be like when writing the review?


What type of language techniques might you use and why?