Gas laws and the kinetic model


If the temperature of a fixed mass of gas increases, what happens to the average kinetic energy of the particles in the gas?


What is 0^{\circ}C in Kelvin?


What temperature scale must be used in calculations relating to the Gas Laws?


If the temperature of a gas is 323 K, what is its temperature in ^{\circ}C?


A fixed volume of gas is cooled from 20^{\circ}C to 0^{\circ}C. What is the temperature change, \Delta T, in Kelvin?


1\, litre of Helium gas stored at a pressure of 800 kPa in a cylinder is released to fill a 5\, litre party balloon. What is the pressure of the gas inside the balloon?


The pressure in a bike tyre at room temperature ( 20^{\circ}C or  293K) is 350 kPa. At what temperature will its pressure drop to 340 kPa?


A beachball with a volume of 8\, litres is taken from a room at 20^{\circ}C ( 293 K) and placed in a freezer at -15^{\circ}C ( 258 K), making it shrink.

What is the volume of the frozen beachball?


0.28\, m^{3} of a gas at 25°C has its temperature raised to 100°C. Assuming the pressure of the gas remains constant, what is its new volume?


0.95\, m^{3} of a gas at 20°C is cooled. Its new volume is found to be 0.75\, m^{3}. What temperature is the gas at now?