Adding binary numbers

Adding binary numbers is similar to adding denary numbers.

Example: Adding the binary numbers 11 and 100

Write the numbers out using the column method. Start from the right, and simply add the numbers.

In binary, 011+100=111

111 is 7 if converted back to denary.

Example: Adding two 1s in the same column

Sometimes a binary addition will require you to carry over values into the next highest place-value column, eg when finding the sum of the binary numbers 0010 and 0111:

There is a clash when adding two ones in the same column. In binary, 1+1 is 10 - it has to become 0 with 1 carried over.

In binary, 0010+0111=1001

1001 is 9 if converted back to denary. 2 + 7 = 9 in denary.