Glacial landforms created by deposition

The name given to all material deposited by a glacier is called glacial till or boulder clay. Deposited material creates a range of interesting features such as:

The side upland of the ice flow is the stoss side. The downland side is the lee side. Plucking occurs as the ice flow passes over the roche moutonnée.
  • Erratics - these are rocks that have been deposited by the glacier. They are usually made of a rock type that would not be found in that area. This suggests that erratics can be carried a long way from an area of different geology.
  • Drumlins - glaciers can move moraine around in unusual ways which produce interesting features. Drumlins are mounds of deposited moraine. They have a steep side and a sloping side. They can be small or large. They are sometimes described as having a 'basket of eggs' topography because of the unusual landscape they create.
The side upland of the ice flow is the stoss end. This is also where the highest point of the drumlin is. The other side is the lee slope.