Meeting Assessment Objective 1

Pictures and student's notes describing various types of art installation
Show your research into your art or design area and the visual ideas that have inspired you

Assessment Objective 1 is about developing ideas from a starting point to a final piece. This is done through mind-mapping, sketches and studies related to the work of other artists, designers and craftspeople.

You need to analyse and understand these contextual sources, and develop your ideas in a personal way. Don't just state facts that you have found out. Relate what you have found out to your own ideas and experience.


  • Have you demonstrated what the starting point, theme or brief means to you personally?
  • Have you established a link between the starting point and your chosen sources?
  • Have you reflected your understanding of the social and cultural context?
  • Is there a clear link between your sources and your own work?
  • Is it clear what ideas or techniques from your sources you have developed?

Make sure you clearly annotate what is your work and what comes from other sources

A colourful moodboard with pictures and words that evoke a kaleidoscope
Grouping a mind map, spidergram or word cloud with initial visual ideas can help demostrate the link between your theme, your ideas and your visual language