Wave parameters and behaviours


How is the frequency of a wave best described?


If the frequency of a wave is 20 Hz, what is the period of the wave?


What is the amplitude of a wave that is 0.6 m from peak to trough?

Sine wave with amplitude labelled 0.6 m. The wavelength (the distance between two peaks) is labelled with the lambda symbol.


How is the speed of a wave defined?


If the period of wave is 400 ms (0.4 s), what is the frequency of the wave?


What is the wavelength of the wave?

Sine wave which contains four cycles within 20 m.


Which of the following is a longitudinal wave?


If a student sees the flash of lightning strike and then hears the thunder six seconds later, how far away is the storm?


If an ultrasound pulse travels a total distance of 6 cm (0.06 m) to and from an organ and takes 40µs ( 4 \times {10^{ - 5}}s), what is the speed of sound in the tissue?


If a water wave has a wavelength of 3 m and a frequency of 0.25 Hz, what is the speed of the water wave?

Sine wave with wavelength (lambda) labelled as 3 m.


If a sound wave in air has a frequency of 1440 Hz, what is the wavelength of the wave?


What is the wavelength of a radio wave of frequency 89 MHz?


A streetlamp can emit a light of wavelength  6 \times 10^{-7}m. What is the frequency of this light?


If the distance to a satellite is 36,000 km, how long does it take a signal to get from the transmitting station to a receiving station back on Earth? Be careful there are two points to watch for.

A view of the Earth in space with a satellite in orbit. An arrow labelled 36,000 km travels from a transmitting station on Earth to the satellite. Another arrow, also labelled 36,000 km, travels from the satellite to a receiving station on Earth.


What is diffraction?


Which of the following radio signals will reach a village in the bottom of a valley best?