Analysing persuasive texts

Can you identify the techniques or tricks the writer is using in each of the following examples?


An eye for an eye.


I came, I saw, I conquered.


I will always remember finding a hair in a pizza that I once bought from a supermarket and thinking that it was impossible that it could have happened… but it did!


You know that we have to do this. It is our responsibility.


According to the Headteacher, “50% of our pupils do not pick up their own litter at break times”.


We have to do something about it, we have to do something about it now!


There are millions of us in this school that think homework is the biggest waste of time in the world!


There must be something done about this right now. It is imperative that people act now.


It is an absolute fact that people all over the world believe that Aliens exist and will come down and destroy us unless we get to them first.


Picture this: a man, lying in a hospital bed, tubes coming out of his arms, gasping for breath, every inch of his skin covered in needle marks and bruises where nurses have tried to find veins to give him life-saving drugs… but they have failed. There are no drugs left for this man. Cancer is killing him. They have run out of options.