Dramatic forms

A form is the method you select to tell your story and explore themes when presenting your work. For example, you may choose to present a piece of work in the form of a mime, where the actors don’t speak, or as Physical theatre, where abstract movements symbolise relationships.

Remember, form is the thing itself and the style is the way you present it. In the case of a ‘comical mime’ the dramatic form used is mime and comical is the style in which it’s done.

Forms of drama to consider:

  • Mime/mute
  • Choral work
  • Physical theatre
  • Musical theatre
  • Farce
  • Satire
  • Commedia dell’arte
  • Dance

You could choose to combine various dramatic forms. Be creative, experiment and see which ones work for you.

Example of  using mime in theatre

Using mime in theatre

Harlekin, Derevo Mime Theatre Credit: Oskar Neubauer/Derevo Mime Theatre