The main elements

It’s important for you to remember the following characteristics that typify TIE:

  • There is a clear aim and educational objective running throughout.
  • A small cast so actors must be versatile and often have to multi-role.
  • A low budget so actors often play instruments too.
  • The production must be portable so the design is simple and representational.
  • They explore issues from various viewpoints, so we can see the effect of an action upon a range of people.
  • There is some level of audience involvement.
  • They are rarely wholly naturalistic because direct address or narration is used to engage the audience.
  • The costumes are simple and representational, especially if actors have to multi-role.
  • They may include facts and figures to educate the audience.
  • They may have a strong message or moral running throughout.
Members of Ape Theatre Company performing in their production Legal Weapon
Legal Weapon by the Ape Theatre Company confronts the issues of excessive speed, peer pressure and the attitudes of young drivers Credit: Ape Theatre Co