Solutions that are incomplete

If computational thinking techniques are applied to the problem of how to bake a cake, on decomposing the problem, it is necessary to know:

  • what kind of cake to bake
  • what ingredients are needed, how much of each ingredient, and when to add it
  • how many people the cake is for
  • how long to bake the cake for
  • what equipment is needed

However, this is incomplete – part of the problem has been left out. We still need to know:

  • where to bake the cake
  • what temperature to bake the cake at

Therefore, if this information was used to create the solution, the algorithm would say how long the cake should be baked for but it would not state that the cake should be placed in the oven, or the temperature that the oven should be. Even if the cake made it to the oven, it could end up undercooked or burnt to a cinder.

Very important factors have been left out, so the chances of making a great cake are slim.

The problem occurred here because placing the cake in the oven and specifying the oven temperature had not been included, making the solution incomplete.