Repetition training

Approach: Repetition drills

To practice the coordination required to serve in badminton, the performer would repeat the service over and over again, using various target areas to increase the accuracy of the shot.

Applying the principles of SPORT to coordination training

Repetition drillsRepeating the action which is the focus of performance development slowly and with feedback from a coachIncrease the demand of training to force coordination to keep improvingRepeat the action building up the speed at which it is done if necessary, introduce targets to check for accuracyBe aware that if training stops for any reason, the training ‘load’ must be reduced when training is restarted.Change place/time of training, team up with someone else to train with


How do repetition drills improve coordination?

The action needing refinement would be repeated several times and filmed or the coach would give feedback. This would mean any alteration needed could be made. Targets would be set to check that the action was effective.