Scars and scree

Yorkshire DalesYorkshire Dales

Scars are exposed cliffs of limestone. They were created during the last ice age, when huge sheets of ice scraped away the soil-covered spurs in many valleys in the Yorkshire Dales.

The exposed surface is affected by freeze-thaw action on the well-jointed limestone. Water enters the cracks and if it freezes, expands. As the water expands, so do the cracks.

Repeated freezing and thawing eventually breaks off rock and at the bottom of the scar cliff a talus or scree slope is formed. A dramatic example of scar landscape can be found at Twistleton Scar in the Yorkshire Dales.

Sample question

Identify the features marked on the diagram by matching them to the names of features given.

Surface Features of Limestone LandscapeSurface features of limestone landscape