Other uses of simulation

  • Nuclear power stations use simulation to improve output by looking at temperature, pressure and gas flow in the plant.
  • Scientific experiments (for example plant growth) can be observed in varying conditions.
  • Coastal erosion (the effect of the sea on the coastline) can be studied to anticipate possible flooding, so that defences can be best positioned.
  • Traffic flow can be simulated in major cities to investigate the need for new roads and/or traffic lights.
  • The aerodynamic effect on the shape of cars can be investigated by simulating air flow over different body shapes.

Virtual Reality

Man playing three dimensional holographic video game
Head-mounted VR display

Virtual Reality (VR) is a computer simulation which allows the user to interact with the system. Special interfaces give the user the feel, sound and view of the virtual system. The user wears a head-mounted display through which the virtual world can be seen.