Impact on international relations

The horror of the 9/11 attacks had a huge impact on international relations.

People around the world had been affected by the attacks and horrified by the actions of those involved in acts of terrorism.

As a result, international relations changed to fight against a new ‘unseen’ enemy.

Countries around the world gave their support to the USA and believed that a united front was essential if this new type of enemy was to be destroyed.

This coalition of countries promised to help the USA hunt for Osama bin Laden and Al-Qaeda.

Rebuilding Afghanistan

While the initial offensives in Afghanistan were successful, coalition forces had to move from attacking the Taliban to rebuilding Afghanistan.

While the Taliban was virtually destroyed, Al-Qaeda still held on in parts of the country.

The Taliban was not out of business and took advantage of safe havens in the mountainous areas along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Realising that Afghanistan needed more help to create a stable government, the International Security Assistance Force was created in 2003 by the UN to help rebuild Afghanistan.

Despite this, in 2003, a rebellion to bring down the new Afghan government began against the American and NATO forces.

Attacks continued on and off for several years, with many Afghan civilians being caught in-between, some ultimately losing their lives.

During all this, a new, democratic government was established in Afghanistan.

Coalition, NATO, UN, and American forces attempted to support it in order to prevent Afghanistan from returning to a state that supported terrorism.

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